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Accreditation & Certifications

Our accreditations & certifications

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Our accreditations and certifications are a testament to our dedication to excellence and our adherence to industry best practices.

BRC FoodChain ID® Certification Ltd

Certificate confirms that Orchid Exim complies with BRCGS standards for food safety, ensuring their processes meet the high standards required for food safety management systems.

FSMA FoodChain ID® Certification Ltd

Certificate confirms that Orchid Exim has successfully met the requirements set out in the BRCGS for Food Safety, Issue 9: August 2022. It highlights that we passed the BRCGS Module for FSMA


Certificate confirms that the sesame seeds processing unit of Orchid Exim has been inspected by the Unit Registration Committee constituted by IOPEPC & adequate for the export of sesame seeds to the EU.

Kosher certification

The certificate states that Orchid Exim is under the supervision of Fartani Assesmenh - Global Certifications & that their products are kosher and parve. Parve means that the food does not contain meat or dairy products.

Registration as Exporter of Spices

Certificate authorizes Orchid Exim to operate as an exporter of spices from India, adhering to the conditions specified in the Spices Board Regulations, 1989, and the instructions issued by the Spices Board.

Registration as Exporter of Spices

Document specifies the branch location associated with the registered office of Orchid Exim. This address is where the firm conducts its business activities related to spice export.